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How to Maintain and Care for Your Pool Table to Last a Lifetime

by Danny Tang on Feb 23, 2024

How to Maintain and Care for Your Pool Table to Last a Lifetime
Maintaining and caring for your pool table is essential to ensure it remains in top condition, providing endless hours of entertainment and potentially lasting a lifetime. A well-maintained pool table can be a beautiful centerpiece in your home and a source of pride for any enthusiast. This guide will cover the essential steps and tips for keeping your pool table looking and playing its best.

Regular Cleaning

The felt surface of your pool table is prone to accumulating dust, chalk, and other debris, which can affect play quality and wear down the material over time. To clean the felt:

  1. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently sweep the debris toward the pockets. It's crucial to brush in one direction to avoid damaging the felt.
  2. Vacuum the felt lightly with a hand-held vacuum or an attachment with the brush removed to prevent the felt from pilling or becoming fuzzy.
  3. Clean the balls regularly with a mild cleaner to remove chalk marks and oils, ensuring they roll smoothly.

Avoiding Damage

To keep your pool table in the best condition, it's important to prevent damage:

  • No sitting or leaning on the table. The added weight can damage the rails and warp the slate.
  • Keep drinks and food away to avoid spills that can stain the felt or damage the wood.
  • Use a cover when the table is not in use to protect the felt from dust and sunlight, which can fade the fabric.

Proper Use of Accessories

The way you use and store your accessories can also impact the longevity of your pool table:

  • Chalk your cue tips carefully to prevent excess chalk from falling onto the felt.
  • Store cues upright in a rack to prevent warping.
  • Use a bridge stick instead of reaching across the table, which can stretch the felt.

Humidity and Temperature Control

The wood components of your pool table can expand or contract with changes in humidity and temperature, potentially affecting the table's integrity. To mitigate these effects:

  • Maintain a stable environment with consistent humidity and temperature levels. A dehumidifier or air conditioner can help control the room's climate.
  • Avoid placing the table near windows where direct sunlight can cause uneven fading and warping.

Professional Maintenance

Some aspects of pool table maintenance require a professional touch:

  • Re-felting: Over time, the felt may become worn or damaged. Hiring a professional to re-felt your table ensures the job is done correctly, providing a fresh surface for play.
  • Leveling: The table must be perfectly level for accurate play. If you notice balls rolling inconsistently, it may be time to have a professional re-level your table.
  • Rail and cushion replacement: If the bounce off the rails becomes less lively, the cushions may need replacing. This job is best left to professionals who can ensure the new cushions are installed correctly.

Long-Term Care

Looking ahead, consider these long-term care tips:

  • Rotate the table: If possible, rotating your table 180 degrees every few years can help ensure even wear, especially if it's in a room with uneven lighting or environmental conditions.
  • Annual inspections: Having a professional inspect your table annually can help catch and address minor issues before they become major problems.


Taking care of your pool table doesn't have to be a daunting task. With regular cleaning, careful use, and occasional professional maintenance, your pool table can provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Remember, a pool table is more than just a piece of furniture or a gaming surface; it's an investment in your home entertainment, a work of craftsmanship, and potentially, a family heirloom. By following these maintenance and care tips, you ensure that this investment retains its value and continues to bring joy to your family and friends for generations to come.